Real Estate

The Real Estate Sector in the Republic of Panama is one of the economy’s sectors that has grown the most in the last years, not only in residential projects, but also in commercial (offices, stores, shopping malls), and tourism projects that are being built through the entire country.

Currently the Republic of Panama has been considered by important tourism publications as an excellent destination to invest or to reside and retire for its high quality of life, with a modern cosmopolitan city, beaches on two oceans, political and economic stability, the use of the US Dollar as the legal tender currency, and with all kind of facilities for those who seek to transfer their domicile or to invest in real estate.

Our lawyers have obtained much experience in this area, and shall support you in the negotiations, as well as in the analysis and elaboration of contracts from the initial phase of construction until its conclusion, always guaranteeing that your interests are well protected, or in purchase contracts between current owners of property and buyers.

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