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At our firm, we are proud to offer a wide range of legal services to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you are navigating personal matters or facing business challenges, our team of expert attorneys is here to provide you with solid legal advice and efficient solutions.

Our practice areas span a wide variety of legal disciplines, allowing us to provide comprehensive services tailored to your specific needs. 

Some of our key services include:

Our firm offers vast experience and knowledge regarding estate planning and corporate law, including the incorporation and annual maintenance of companies and other types of entities in accordance with the necessities of each client and business enterprise investment.

Our team offers advice in any kind of negotiation, from the initial phase until the closing of the transactions, at all times looking after your legal safety and commercial benefit.

Due to the multiple advantages offered by the Panama Ship Registry, our country has a large volume of ships flagged under its flag, being the largest registry of ships worldwide.

We will assist you in the negotiation of contracts for the sale and/or rental of residences, offices or land, always guaranteeing that your interests are well protected since they entail high degrees of complexity and risks vis-à-vis the counterparty in a real estate transaction.

We take care of clients of all nationalities, offering them our experience in the analysis and evaluation of their profile, in order to determine among the different immigration options, which is the most suitable and feasible for the client. 

Nuestros abogados, se encargarán de efectuar todos los trámites necesarios ante el Servicio Nacional de Migración.

Ofrecemos asesoramiento en contrataciones públicas y presta servicios para llevar a cabo todas las gestiones necesarias para la participación del oferente en las licitaciones públicas de las diferentes entidades estatales, ya sea para la prestación de servicios o provisión de bienes, tanto para empresas locales como extranjeras.

We offer our legal services of counseling and representing the client in the trademark registration process before the Intellectual Property Department at the Ministry of Commerce as well as the representation in all parts of it including submittance of administrative legal motions.

Our firm has vast experience on judicial and extrajudicial recoveries, and also counseling on the best way to document your credit aiming at acquiring a better option to recover the debt such as the documents that the law grants an “executive merit” which allows creditor to proceed with an Executory Process.

We help you in the processing of certificates before the competent authority this being the International Tax Department on the Ministry of Economy and Finances of Panama, both for natural persons and for legal entities (corporations), so we can advise you regarding compliance with the requirements stipulated by law to be able to be subject to obtaining it.  

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