About Panama

Due to its strategic geographical position, Panama has become a logistic center in numerous areas, such 

Financial Sector

Is the most important international banking center in the region, with important regional banks and legislation relating to banking, financing and securities services.

Having the U.S. dollar as legal tender, has allowed Panama to better deal with inflationary trends and develop a reliable and stable banking infrastructure, which includes branches of major regional banks. Panamanian banks are considered the most financially resilient in the region.

Corporate Laws

Our corporate and asset protection laws are still applicable after nearly a century of existence, offering a variety of legal forms for financial and estate planning, such as corporations, trusts and Private Interest Foundations. This platform together with our territorial tax system, positions Panama as the ideal place for tax and estate planning.

Real Estate

In this century Panama has experienced a boom in the real estate market, becoming a capital surrounded by luxurious hotels, casinos, shopping malls, international banks and endless skyscrapers, through fantastic beach homes and condos on the shores of both oceans, to the relaxing atmosphere of the mountains, becoming a haven for those wishing to retire in a tropical climate, where life is comfortable with high standards of living, and the costs are relatively low.

The Panama Canal

One of the biggest engines of our economy is the Panama Canal, through which vessels of all types transit from one ocean to another, as well as its related commercial activities such as the port terminals operated by multinational companies, Home Port for many Cruise lines, shipping agencies, free zones, and a Maritime Court. We also have the largest ship registry in the world and a register of mortgages considered the most secure worldwide.

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